Sunday, September 7, 2008

06-09-2008: Sankaran Kovil, Sri. Pattamuthu - An appeal


On 6th September, after visiting the temple at Sankaran Kovil, I started looking around the town to find any good deeds and individuals. Got to hear about Sri. Pattamuthu, who conducts Uzhavarappani in that area. It was wonderful to meet with this noble heart.

While discussing the idea of Ennangalin Sangamam, he mentioned his current situation. He has been trying to raise funds to support the engineering education of the daughter of the washerman in the house. The entry will cost about Rs. 80,000/- As a retired teacher, Sri. Pattamuthu does not possess enough financial resources on his own. However, during his tenure, he took free extra classes to many students to ensure that they got through their studies without any problems and as an explary teacher, he had made improved their scores significantly (those who came to him with 7 managed even 70). He approached some of his earlier students, who are in good jobs currently. One of them sent Rs. 20,000/- another contributed Rs. 3,000/-, the hunt continuous. Even as he said these, I could see that he was very pleased about what his earlier students could do today.

A dedicated teacher, thankful students and possibility of a poor girl getting a degree in Engineering. Such individuals and their stories is what keeps our network unique. Individual dedication, conviction and voluntary action stemming from them.

Contact: Sri. Pattamuthu, 04636 - 224751


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