Saturday, September 20, 2008

19-09-2008: Satish Ayya of Thiruvika Nagar

Vanakkam,  I spoke to Sathish Ayyah two days back over phone. He mentioned that there is a special pooja on the ocassion of the birthday of Vallalar on the 5th of October. He has requested people participation for this event. I wanted to share some of the things I learnt from him during the course of the conversation.

When the Arul Jyothi Anna Aalayam was started with the help of a few volunteers, an ordinary Sathish as a worker of Ennore Foundary took rice contributions from a few friends and fed needy people with gruel. Today thanks to his love and empathy, about 2000 needy people don't go hungry as they are fed every day by the Anna Aalayam. This is made possible through the voluntary contribution of the required food and materials by over 10100 households in the city of Chennai.

Today, Sathish Ayya has created the Aruljyothi Education Trust and manages Aruljyothi Paatasaalai in the small hamlet of lighthouse in the coastal Pazhaverkkadu on the northern pheriphery of the city. This fishing village today sends about 430 students to this school (upto class 6) which provides them education and values based on the teaching of Vallalar.

The small effort that started as annadaana of Sathish Ayya today has spread into also providing education and benefitting the residents of northern coastal border of Chennai. All this is made possible by a simple contribution of Rs. 50/- per household according to Sathish Ayya. This daana is collected at your doorstep by the volunteers of the Anna Aalayam.
Contact: Satish Adigalar, 044-25570770
J. Prabhakar, Convenor, Ennangalin Sangaman

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